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SuperDuperDB now supports Cohere and Anthropic APIs

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Duncan Blythe

We're happy to announce the integration of two more AI APIs, Cohere and Anthropic, into SuperDuperDB.

Cohere and Anthropic provides AI developers with sorely needed alternatives to OpenAI for key AI tasks, including:

  • text-embeddings as a service
  • chat-completions as as service.

How to use the new integrations with your dataโ€‹

We've posted some extensive content on how to use OpenAI or Sentence-Transformers for encoding text as vectors in your MongoDB datastore, and also how to question-your your docs hosted in MongoDB.

Now developers can easily use Cohere and Anthropic and drop in-replacements for the OpenAI models:

For embedding text as vectors with OpenAI developers can continue to import the functionality like this:

from superduperdb.ext.openai.model import OpenAIEmbedding

model = OpenAIEmbedding(model='text-embedding-ada-002')

Now developers can also import Cohere's embedding functionality:

from superduperdb.ext.cohere.model import CohereEmbedding

model = CohereEmbedding()

Similarly, for chat-completion, can continue to use OpenAI like this:

from superduperdb.ext.openai.model import OpenAIChatCompletion

chat = OpenAIChatCompletion(
prompt='Answer the following question clearly, concisely and accurately',

Now developers can also import Anthropic's embedding functionality:

from superduperdb.ext.anthropic.model import AnthropicCompletions

chat = AnthropicCompletions(
prompt='Answer the following question clearly, concisely and accurately',

Contributors are welcome!โ€‹

SuperDuperDB is open-source and permissively licensed under the Apache 2.0 license. We would like to encourage developers interested in open-source development to contribute in our discussion forums, issue boards and by making their own pull requests. We'll see you on GitHub!

Become a Design Partner!โ€‹

We are looking for visionary organizations which we can help to identify and implement transformative AI applications for their business and products. We're offering this absolutely for free. If you would like to learn more about this opportunity please reach out to us via email: